The Company «AGREXPO SA» has established as an obligation to achieve and maintain high standards of quality, hygiene and safety by applying the principles of FSSC 22000 – IFS – ΒRC for all its products. These standards meet the principles and requirements of the most up-to-date and accepted applications and practices oriented towards QUALITY, HYGIENE and SAFETY of foods, Satisfaction of customers.

To meet these requirements, appropriate procedures have been put in place to ensure that only acceptable quality and safety products that meet the requirements of national and Community legislation are placed on the market.

The Company’s management has set its goals, objectives and commitment to quality, hygiene and safety. The Company’s individual objectives in terms of quality, hygiene and safety are:

  • Providing products with high quality standards.
  • The use of the most advanced technological methods for the production and disposal of products with constant improvement of quality and ensuring their hygiene and safety.
  • Timely and secure delivery of the products, according to the commonly accepted terms of the contracts.
  • Ensuring conditions that guarantee the hygiene and safety of the products produced.
  • Training and commitment of all employees to the ongoing effort to improve product quality and product safety.
  • Adaptation of suppliers to pre-agreed quality or technical specifications, economic conditions and pre-defined delivery times for raw materials.
  • The receipt of top quality raw materials, the complete execution of each job right from the start, the production of high-quality products and the timely and safe delivery of the products are principles that govern every activity of the company.
  • The zero deviation from the microbiological – chemical endpoint control criteria made in accredited laboratories and in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • Product returns from customers less than 5%.
  • The protection of the environment from the company’s activities.

The Management, and all employees in the company, adhere to the Company’s predetermined “Policy” and promote any action that promotes and maintains the quality, hygiene and safety of the products.

the General Manager