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The olive tree is known for thousands of years and most probably is originated from the East Mediterranean region. According to Greek mythology, the homeland of olive tree is Athens and Greeks were the first who grow olive trees.

The olive tree has been a symbol of culture and honor in Greece and it had been used even as prize for the winners of Olympic Games. The olive fruit is popular for its nutritional properties and its high value in contemporary diet.

Kalamata Olives, often known as Greek olives, have distinctive taste and appearance, with oval shape, dark purple color, big size, intense flavor and fleshy texture.

The Original Kalamata olives are produced in Messinia Peloponnese, a fruitful and productive region where the sounds of the sea and of the olive tree leaves are mixed harmonically along with the other nature’s gifts. Messinia is one of the most well-known olive production areas of Greece. The mild Mediterranean climate with long periods of sunshine becomes ideal for agriculture and especially olive growing.

We are established in the source of Original Kalamata olives. They come from the most taken care Messinian olive groves. They are collected by hand when ripened, one by one, they are washed and brined patiently and they are dressed generously with Extra Virgin Kalamata olive oil.

We pack them with the help of state of the art technology answering all the safety and hygiene requirements of today. Packed in salt brine with red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil,”Faris” Kalamata olives have no preservatives and they are all natural.

They are available in all sizes:

  • Colossal: 121-140 olives per kilo
  • Giants: 141-160 olives per kilo
  • Εx-jumbo: 161-180 olives per kilo
  • Jumbo: 181-200 olives per kilo
  • Ex-large: 201-230 olives per kilo
  • Large: 231-260 olives per kilo
  • Superior: 261-290 olives per kilo
  • Brililant: 291-320 olives per kilo
  • Fine: 321-350 olives per kilo
  • Bullets: 350 -380 olives per kilo Whole in 2, 5, 12 and 150 kg plastic barrels.

“Faris” Kalamata olives are available as whole, pitted, sliced and halves as follows:

  • Whole in 2, 5, 12, 13 and 150 kg plastic barrels.
  • Pitted, Sliced and halves in 2, 5, 10 and 130 kg plastic barrels.