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Panagiotis Goumas in Munich during the 80s

In 1962, Panagiotis Goumas from Kalamata started a small business in order to promote the agricultural products of his family and neighbors, beyond the market of Messinia, in Athens and to the rest of Greece. The main product is potatoes.

It is, however, striking that Panagiotis Goumas quickly realised the packing the products will create a competitive advantage as products would retain their quality. Packing was the first step.

“My father was a progressive and visionary man. It was an extremely progressive movement in the late 60s, to build four factories for potatoe packaging, initially in Kalamata and then in Amaliada Hleias, in Xanthi and in Orestiada” George Goumas (CEO) says.

George joined the family business along with his sister Eytichia in the late 80s and in 1999 they founded Agrexpo SA, a company that is a continuation of their family business founded in 1962.

In the mid-70s the company’s products meet the European markets. In a period when the word “extroversion” was almost unknown even to big businessmen, the son of a rural family, a graduate of a small school, dares to take an important and risky step. Obviously he was very confident about the quality of his products knowing that they can stand and last in most markets.

The login of George and Eytichia in their family business management starts a new age for the company, as they start exporting new products (Extra virgin olive oil, Kalamata olives, dried figs, oranges, watermelons and seed potatoes), while the export activity has expanded in most markets. However, up until now, they are considered to be specialists of potatoes.

In the last five years, Panos and Dimitris, the third generation of the family business, participates in the development of the company, adding more local products such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Kalamata, Kalamata olives, olive paste and balsamic vinegar. Panos, a graduate of Business Administration and Dimitris, student at Food Marketing And Business Economics at the University of Reading in England, are the new driving force of Agrexpo.